365 questions for a better you #12

Day 12 of this. I have to say, the days go on so fast. I feel like I barely am able to do anything. I think I soon have to make myself a plan for each day, so I am able to do everything I am supposed to do. I mean, each day I have to blog, read, watch a movie or a tv show, and I should vlog each day. Right now, I should actually film a video, but I haven’t done that yet.

But, before I go I have a new thing to answer. And that is:

One of your strength is…

I think I have to say creativity. I love making videos, I love blogging, I love writing. I love being creative. It is one of the things I enjoy the most. Last year I did NaNoWriMo, and I was able to write over 50 000 words that month. I have a dream on writing a book. I started at a young age, writing my own fan-fictions. And as the years went by, I started to write other things. Right now I am in the outlining process. But I have to say, living in Norway is not the best place is you want to be an international book writer. I write in English, because I have a larger vocabulary to use when I write. I find it easier to find the words that I need.

So one of my strength has to be creativity.