365 questions for a better you #58

I have been bad at posting yet again, lately I have just had no drive. I have been so tired. But I hope that I will have some time to actually sit down and write some drafts that can be up.

Coffee, tea or warm milk?

I am very picky about things I drink, I don’t like warm milk. I like mocha coffee and I have just gotten into a few different tea. However, I do not like everything. I haven’t gotten to that part yet.

365 questions for a better you #57

It’s late, and I am going to bed now. But I remembered that I haven’t updated. So I though I would do that first.

What’s holding your back from improving your lifestyle?

Money. Basically. I can’t afford anything because I don’t have the energy to work, do that means no money from a workplace, so I get money from the state, and that is not a lot.

365 questions for a better you #56

I haven’t done this in ages, and I feel bad. I don’t always remember to upload these. Now I have written a few of them down, so hopefully it will get easier. Earlier today I watched Criminal Minds which is back on Norwegian Viaplay, and I have watched like 3 episodes today, so not the most productive day, however, I just rekindled my love for Criminal Minds, when I take a break from it and starts to watch it again, I feel like I can’t stop.

What’s your favorite sport?

To be honest, I don’t do sport. I sleep, that is what I call my sport. I am sick, so I don’t do sport, I don’t have the energy to do it. But I have to say, I don’t have a sport I kind of like. I have a lot of hobbies, but I don’t have a favorite sport.

365 questions for a better you #55

I have been so bad at this lately! I have to say! I have been bad at everything lately. Today I haven’t read a single page, and I was supposed to catch up on three sections of Order of the Phoenix. I was supposed to edit a vlog… I still haven’t done that. I need to do that right now, even if I kind of don’t feel like it. Today I have just been in bed all day. I have to see tomorrow, if I’m not feeling well, I am staying in bed then too…

What is the most expensive possession you own?

Well, out of everything I own it has to be my car. I won’t say a prize, but I can say it is prizy!

365 questions for a better you #54

I didn’t do anything I was supposed to do… or I read my section of Harry Potter, I am really enjoying it now! I have around 130 pages left, and I kind of wanted to keep on going… however, I just don’t want to burn myself out with reading to much, and then feeling like I don’t want to read anymore.

One old habit you want to eliminate

I have like a habit of finding things with people that aren’t like always positive. Even though I am trying to find the positive in people, it is not always easy I have to say. I want to eliminate my habit of finding negative things in people, and focus on their good things!

365 questions for a better you #53

So, maybe tomorrow I am sitting down and writing some more posts I can publish later on. I have been very bad at that, and the one thing that is bothering me is that I had just been posting these posts, and nothing else. It gets boring only reading these over and over. Hopefully I can change that!

What would you like to change in your routine?

Well, right now I don’t have a routine, and I would actually love to have a routine so I can get everything done in a day. I will work forward to that so I know what I need to to everyday, and be able to do everything.

365 questions for a better you #51

It’s late. And I am soon just getting home. I will tell you more about my weekend, and my CFS/ME update will come very soon.

But for now, let’s answer the question.

What are you struggling with at the moment?

I have to say, it kind of is a lot. I worry about this winter, when I have to drive 40 minutes on snow, the worst driving conditions I ever drive on. What will happen to me after I am done with this. How will I feel like after I am done after being there for a long time, with people… I get so tired after being with people. When I am with friends I can be there max 4 hours, and then I am dead after, and that can last a few days.

365 questions for a better you #49

I just forgot this yesterday again… I don’t know, I might do another post like this towards the evening, so I am up to track. But let’s answer yesterday’s question.

The role of kindness in your life

I try to be kind to everyone. I feel like you never know what people have been through and you should always be kind.

365 questions for a better you #48

New day, new question and 100 % another not too great day. But let’s just answer the question of the day.

How does your schedule look like today?

Today my schedule doesn’t say anything. I will have to pack, that is the only thing it said. And it also kind of say I should finish my book, which I have been using a whole month to finish. Why do I need to be so demotivated? Maybe I also should watch some tv show… or maybe the movie I should watch today since I won’t have that option for the rest of the week.

365 questions for a better you #44

So, another day. I hope to soon get better at blogging. I just need to be a little better sitting down and planning out what I can write about. I also think I need to draft a few posts, just in case there is one day I don’t have any ideas.

Let’s answer something new.

Where do you want to be in 5 years?

In 5 years, I hope to be a successful blogger, and YouTuber. Do what I love. I also hope that I have found someone to be with, but I mean… I don’t stress… but it would be nice.