So, I actually where outside today. And that means I had on something others than sweats. So here is my outfit of the day.

I have absolutely no idea where my jeans are from. I got them from one of my friends, who didn’t fit it anymore.
The shirt is from Kappahl. But it is a few years old.

365 questions for a better you #13

So, next day. New thing to answer. I just got home from the doctors, so I will give a little update later on today on what’s going on. Since I haven’t had this blog for too long I haven’t written everything on what’s going on with everything. And I think now is a good time to do it.

But that post will come later on today… or tomorrow. I have to see how much I am able to write. But the thing I will answer today is:

One behavior you need to let go

Let’s be honest. I need to be better at controlling my temper. And I need to stop yelling when I’m driving a car. I am working on it, but I have to say that I’m very bad at it. I feel like there are son many bad drivers out there, that haven’t read the updated rules of driving, and that makes me pissed off. But I’m trying to get better…

Why I blog so much

I blog a lot, I have to say. If you guys are on my blog once a day you might have 1-3 blog posts every day. The reason why I blog so much is just the fact that I love to do it. On Norwegian blogs there are people who blog just when they feel like it, but there are also a lot of bloggers who blog a lot, they are from 1 to 4 posts every day. And I have it from there.

I love to find out things to write about. I try to find out something new to write every day. I try to take photos and write about it. Now that I am sick I might not get out as much as I used to. But the thing then is that I can write about my experience. No CFS/ME patient is the same. And sharing experiences can help people. I will later on talk about everything. I am going to the doctors tomorrow, and I will make him apply me in to a specialist.

In Norway we usually have these kinds of treatments for free. But there are definitely not a lot of the places that have specialist. I have tried almost every single place I can think of where I can get i for free. But it is all up to what the doctors write. And the way I have understood it, he writes that it is all in my head, the only thing I need is some motivation to get back to work. He doesn’t think I have CFS/ME. So I haven’t gotten into a place where I can get an answer for free. I am going to ask to go to a specialist where I have to pay, but I rather do that, than just sit here and wait until the finds out that I need to get back to work. But enough of that. I will write the whole thing when I get back from the Doctors tomorrow, and I will have some more answers.

To get back on track on what I was talking about. The reason I get this many blog posts out is because of a few things:

1 – I have a lot of time to do things like that. I don’t have work for the moment, and that makes it easier.

2 – I love blogging. And I make it a priority to write at least one post every day. Even though I for the moment do 365 questions for a better you, I usually wants to post more than that, because I like it, and don’t want my blog to be boring, and only have the same thing over and over again.

3 – I like sharing. Talking about my day, write about my experience, and share things that are relevant for my life. Pictures, thoughts, processes I am doing. All kind of things actually.

The Week That Passed #2

Think about is, a week has already passed. It is crazy how fast time goes. But here comes another week that passed, where I talk about what happened this week.

This weeks highlight:

I think it had to be the Friday, where we got a visitor. I love having visitors. My ex (we have found a way to become friends) has decided to move further up north. So he is visiting all the people he has had something to do with. And he has.

To explain: When we both where seventeen we got together. And we where together for a few months before our break up. The break up itself weren’t the worst, but it was messy before. Then, we had not much to do with each other, just keeping out distance. I mean, we had the same friends, so it was difficult not to see each other. When he turned eighteen, he moved to the urban area where I lived, we both had grown more. We found a friendship that worked for both of us. And we have been able to stay friends.

This weeks downturn:

I have been like a walking zombie this whole week. I haven’t filmed anything and I haven’t uploaded anything. So this week I need to change that. I have to see, I should film a few videos this week, so I can upload. I should have one video up for my BookTube channel tomorrow, but I also should have one video up for my other YouTube channel this week.

This weeks movie:

Ponyo. It was so cute. So this is a Ghibli film, so this is the first one of those I see, but I still have a lot left from them. But there is something else I will watch this week.

Bilderesultat for ponyo

This weeks TV Show:

I have watched around half of the first season. And I am totally in love! Now I want to read the manga, because I love those. One thing I also love is that they are very easy to read! But I don’t know if I will start them this year, of if I am going to wait until next year.

Bilderesultat for attack on titan season 1

Just so you are aware. This is an ADULT anime, this is not for a young audience.

This weeks song:

This weeks food:

I think Pizza. Or we had steak on Sunday. I don’t know, I feel like we have a lot good food, and I totally forget to take pictures of it, so I don’t have any pictures of it.

This weeks book:

I have been so terrible this week. I haven’t picked up on book an read it through. I haven’t finished a book this week. I read a little bit of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. But I haven’t finished it.

This weeks celebrity:

Well, I haven’t watched a movie or a tv show with real people. But I did listen to Jack and Jack, and I love them. I have to say, I like Jack Johnson more.

Bilderesultat for jack and jack jack johnson 2019

This weeks couple:

There aren’t a couple in either of the things I have watched this week. In Ponyo the characters are 5 years old, so I won’t actually call them a couple, since they are too young for that.

Bilderesultat for ponyo and sosuke

365 questions for a better you #12

Day 12 of this. I have to say, the days go on so fast. I feel like I barely am able to do anything. I think I soon have to make myself a plan for each day, so I am able to do everything I am supposed to do. I mean, each day I have to blog, read, watch a movie or a tv show, and I should vlog each day. Right now, I should actually film a video, but I haven’t done that yet.

But, before I go I have a new thing to answer. And that is:

One of your strength is…

I think I have to say creativity. I love making videos, I love blogging, I love writing. I love being creative. It is one of the things I enjoy the most. Last year I did NaNoWriMo, and I was able to write over 50 000 words that month. I have a dream on writing a book. I started at a young age, writing my own fan-fictions. And as the years went by, I started to write other things. Right now I am in the outlining process. But I have to say, living in Norway is not the best place is you want to be an international book writer. I write in English, because I have a larger vocabulary to use when I write. I find it easier to find the words that I need.

So one of my strength has to be creativity.

365 questions for a better you #11

It is yet another day. It is already over 4 PM here, so it is already late. Soon dinnertime, and soon a new week. But, I still have a question to answer.

What is the vacation of your dreams?

This question is so difficult to answer. I have so many dream vacations. I always find new places that is so pretty, and I want to visit. Places that would look so good. I love to explore, and find places that would look perfect. Also, a lot of places that would be so good for Instagram and blog. I want to be able to vlog my experiences wherever I go. But traveling costs money.

Top 10 places I want to go is:

  1. USA – The whole USA, I would go the route where you start in New York, and travel through all the states, and ends up in New York again. Because when you take plane from Norway, you will end up in New York.
  2. Australia – I have never been there. And I so want to experience this place. A lot of things, go to Australia Zoo in Queensland. Walk around Sydney. I mean a lot.
  3. Azores – I was there when I was 9, and I loved it there! It is so pretty, and I would love to go there once again. The trip is very expensive, but if I had the money for it I wouldn’t second guess myself.
  4. United Kingdom – I have to say it that way, because I want to visit the whole thing. United Kingdom, but also Ireland. I want to visit all kinds of places there.
  5. France – It looks pretty there. If I where to go it would be when I have a boyfriend, I mean, the city of love. Who doesn’t want to got there with their loved ones.
  6. Iceland – The nature, things to experience there. Things that you would never see here in Norway. I would love to go there.
  7. Italy – There is so much to look at. See the historical buildings, and see where you end up.
  8. Tokyo – It looks so cool to be there. New culture, and a big city. It would be cool to see something new.
  9. Santorini – The buildings. Everything. It looks really beautiful.
  10. Bora Bora – Living in one of those huts in the ocean. It would just be amazing!

This list changes all the time. I find so many beautiful places that I would love to go. And if I ever get the chance, I will. I will take a friend with me and just go, traveling all the places I would love to go.

I would vlog my experience, and share the things I would be doing. Give you updates on where I definitely would go back, and what to do when you are there.

365 questions for a better you #10

Yup, we are on day 10 out of 365. I still have a lot left, and hopefully I can keep up. I am now sitting here, relaxing, planning on watching something. But first I will answer the next part, for day 10, and that is:

One word that describes your day

Tiresome .

Yep, has to be the best word for today. It was such a stressfull day.

One of the worst things to have in your house

So, today started out as any other day. I woke up, and got ready. I was going to meet up with some friends. It was super nice, I love spending time with my friends. I am even getting a visit from one of my friends, he is my ex, but we have found a friendship that works for both of us. So, I jumped in the shower, since I know that if I do it later I won’t have the energy to do it. Then I sat down to watch a episode of Wahlgrens World, that is a reality show, and is said to be Sweden’s answer to Keeping up With the Kardashians. I like it, some times I like reality tv. And I like the people in the show, a little to much fighting is in all of them, but I’ll survive. But halfway through the episode I could hear my mother scream.

I mean I was a little curious, but always when go to see what is going on I am in the way, and people get annoyed. So I stayed in my place in the living room. Then my dad comes out with the mattress from their room. And it crawls with small insects. So then we needed to find out what kinds of animals it was there. And it took me a few seconds to figure it out… bedbugs. One of the worst things you ever can find in your home. And they only comes into your home when you have brought them with you from somewhere else.

The only place we have been in the last few months are up to Tromsø. On the way up, in Fauske we all slept in the same room. And the same in Tromsø. But on the way down from Fauske, I slept in another room with my sister.

But, you can think my speed when I heard me might have taken it with us from Tromsø. I speed into my room, because there is no way I am having the same creatures in my bed. Spoiler: There weren’t any. So now I am safe from bedbugs. But my mom and dads room will have to go through some serious stuff to get rid of all of them.

365 questions for a better you #9

So, this is coming out much later that anticipated. But there where a few different things that have happened today, that made it difficult to do something at all. I think I will talk about it in another blog post later on today.

But, for today’s question:

What did you do today that brought you closer to your dream?

Well, my dream is to be able to live by blogging or by YouTube. And today I have written a blog post. I don’t know how my dream will go. I have to say that there are som many blogs out there, and people may think that I write about the same as everyone else. But I mean, all kinds of blogs are different. A lifestyle blog will be different from one person to another. Because people have different things they like to write about. I mean, I can talk about everything.

But, I hope to soon film some kind of video for my channel. I don’t know what I want to film, but I guess I will find out later. I mean, I might start from September 1st or something.

365 questions for a better you #8

So, we are on day 8 of this. And I am going to answer something else. And even though this week ain’t over yet, I feel like I still can answer this pretty well.

How was your week?

To be 100% honest. This week is one of the worst weeks I have had. This whole week I have just been demotivated. I have been feeling nauseous and have woken up to headaches every day. Today is one of the worst days I have had so far, where the headache don’t seem to let go. I feel ok when I lay still, doing nothing, but when I start to move, my head is pounding.