CFS/ME Story #1

This will be an ongoing story time. This first part will be how I got my diagnosis. And honestly, when I am up to date on where I am now… the story is still not over.

I don’t know where to start, because I don’t know what you know. I don’t remember what I have told you before, and I don’t know how long this post will be. I think I will set a limit on how long this text will be, and if it is longer, I will have another part of this.
It all started in 6th grade (if anyone gets confused about the Norwegian School system, just write a comment and I will write a post all about the Norwegian School system because it is different than other places), I got sick and went to the doctors. They figured out that I had mononucleosis, it is transmitted through saliva.
Throughout the whole wintertime in 6th grade, I stayed inside without any training. And when I got better I thought it was all ok.
However, from 8th to 10th grade I slowly got worse, I was home from school a lot. I got my homework done and everything because I always had my schoolbooks with me home because I never knew if I would be sick the next day, or just too tired to go to school.
In Norway, we have two different psychology services, and throughout 9th and 10th grade I was in contact with both because at first, we thought I had problems concentrating because of ADD. One of them saw me one time and concluded that I had anxiety and was depressed, something I wasn’t. The other one concluded that I hadn’t.
At the same time in the 9th grade, the headmaster of the school wanted a meeting with my mom. And even before she had said her name she said: “I am considering turning you in to child welfare.” And then the tone was set from there. She is now no longer headmaster in my old school, and the teachers wanted to celebrate when she left school.
My mom, dad, the headmaster, our school doctor, my doctor, and my teacher had loads and loads of meetings. Nothing would make me better. And I still had no diagnosis, until I started 10th grade. I got into out Hospital, and I stayed there for a while, they were doing tests, and figure out if there were anything else… there wasn’t. And that is how I got my diagnosis.

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