Listening to music and my thoughts on then #1

So, I though I would do this as a series. I have a long playlist on Spotify with way to many songs on it. So I thought I would hit shuffle, and then talk about the music and the songs I am hearing. Let’s take like 10 songs each time, and talk about them.

Tim McGraw – My Little Girl: I love this song! The movie Flicka used to me one of my favorites, and at that time I fell in love with this song. It is such an emotional song for me, because I love my dad. And in my wedding this definitely could be like a song for a father daughter dance, because it is like the father is talking to how much he loves his daughter. I think I will forever love this song! And forever be able to know the whole lyrics.

DJ Snake and Lil John – Turn Down For What: This is like a dance song that we used to dance to. And also one of the songs I would listen to when I had my ‘råner’ phase. Where you had a large bass in the back of the car, driving around playing music with bass. It is not a bad song, but it is not a song I kind of listen to anymore. I have not been in that phase for a while, but I think it is fun sometimes to sit in a car, being that way again.

Martina Stoessel – Habla Si Puedes: This is from my Violetta phase. I remember when it went on the television, and I watched it. I never watched the third season, and now I kind of want to watch it. But there is nowhere to see it in Spanish with text. But I have to say, it is one of the prettier songs from Violetta, and this is something I definitely could listen to know. She has such a pretty voice!

Jon Bellion and Stormzy – All Time Low: This is kind of a cool song. However, it was kind of in my ‘råner’ phase. I have to say… I kind of miss where I drove around town with my totally ugly Opel, and playing bass music. This is not a long I listen to a lot, but I would play it in a car if I had a bass. Now I am like, if I had a cool like American Muscle car, I would definitely do this again.

Avril Lavigne – Here’s To Never Growing Up: I remember loving this song. I used to sing it all the time. I think my friends got tired of it. It is a very catchy song, and I used to like headbang to this song, with the long hair I used to have before. I hope I will once be able to have longer hair than I had then, and just to that again, one last time. Even though it is ages since I listened to this song, I still remember the text.

Lana Del Rey – Video Games: Remember the time everyone used to listen to this song? I do to. I loved this song! This was one of the songs I listened to when I was very sick, just feeling off. When I feel sad, I can still go back to like songs like this. Calm, a little sad songs. This is a song I can listen to till this day. For me this is not a bad song, I still very much enjoy Lana.

Astrid S – Think Before I Talk: This is such a true song. We are not perfect, and the thing we should do is think before we talk. I enjoy this song. It is not something that I have on my daily playlist, but I wouldn’t like skip it if it got up in the car. I love her voice, and I think it is cool that a Norwegian musician has this far. And actually making decent music.

Maroon 5 – One More Night: I love this! It is actually something I still like till this day. I can actually catch myself singing this after listening to it. I feel like it is kind of true to. Maybe not to me, personally. I am definitely feeling like jamming a long right now, but it would kind of be weird since I have my headphones on and my parents are in the house.

Cascada – Miracle (Nightcore Edition): Well, I had this obsession with Nightcore Edition in my ‘råner’ phase. Since they have good bass. And I mean, that was my requirement. I know now, that I much more enjoy the original version, that are much calmer, and not so much aggressive. Well, now I know that listening to music like this… kind of makes you an aggressive driver. And I have to say, after I stopped listening to music like this, I became a much more safe driver.

The Vamps – Halleluja: Well, my obsession with the Vamps was a lot of years ago. I don’t actually listen to them a lot anymore. They are definitely not bad, and this is definitely something I could listen to now. They are calm and much nicer than the music I listened to, that was all bass and like DJ Billy-E that got the whole car to shake. I’m definitely calmed down. Don’t get me wrong, I can still listen to bass music and just drive around with that, however… that is not very often. I find this music much more pleasant to listen to.

That was 10 songs. This was so much fun! I had so much fun going through this list. And this is something I definitely will do more times. Just for fun, and being able to listen to different music, that some of these I actually would have skipped if I didn’t do this!

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