5 blog posts you will see more from in 2020

Book reviews: So, I love to write what about what I read. If you want to know my brief thoughts and what I rated them I would advice you to look on GoodReads, and as soon as I get better with it… on Instagram. But, if you want to look at a full review of a lot of things, I will get better at writing reviews.

Movie reviews: Just writing about the movies I watch. Like, after This week that’s passed, I will write a full post on the movie, my thoughts, the characters, things like that. So you can see if you would like to see the movie, or if it is not for you.

Tv Show review: This one will definitely not be out every single week, but whenever I have finished a season of a TV Show. This might be a little bit more spoilery, if I am to talk about every single season, but it is kind of up to every single person if they are to read them.

Weekly to-do list: Just talk about what I am supposed to do every week. If anyone is interested at least. But I like to see what people are doing, see if people are a lot busy, or not.

More CFS/ME updates: I’m definitely is not saying every day, I will write them on different places in the year, whenever I feel like it is up for another update.

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