365 questions for a better you #35

I feel so tired right now. And the mess that are around the house for the moment is just making everyone grumpy, I have to say especially my mom. And when she is doing things, she has to do all the heavy lifting, and doesn’t wait for my dad to get home. And then she gets angry because I don’t help. Even though I am still tired after our trip. And after that she goes yelling all over because the house is so messy, and she don’t want to live her anymore, and that she has a migraine, and all I want to do is go into my room and stay there for the rest of the day.

But let’s just answer the thing today…

What’s stressing you right now?

Well, maybe I should have written the thing I wrote up there ^^ down here instead. Because that is the thing that is stressing me right now. And I have to say, I don’t get all grumpy because there is so messy, because I kind of ignore it and sit down and write thing like this and edit videos, so I don’t need to look at it. But it is the anger that is stressing me. I hate when people is angry, and then I just want to leave.

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