The week that passed #4

So, this one is coming out kind of late. It is already Thursday. It was supposed to come out on Monday… but apparently it didn’t…

But let’s get this thing going.

Last weeks highlight:

I got my first Subscriber on my YouTube account. That was big… for me at least. I hope I get more over the next few months.

Last weeks downturn:

Other than being tired, I don’t think it was much.

Last weeks movie:

Bilderesultat for baby driver

It was ok. I gave it 3 stars. It wasn’t the best I have seen, but definitely not the worst I have seen. I know a lot love this movie, on Letterboxd it has a 3,9 in rating out of 5. But I have watched a lot of different car movies, and even tough this wasn’t bad it just wasn’t my favorite. I really enjoyed Ansel Elgort in this though.

Last weeks Tv Show

Relatert bilde

I loved this show! I just fell in love with this, and watched the whole thing! There isn’t a big plot in this. All episodes is about something different. But you should start at the start, because there is a minor plot trough out the whole anime.

Last weeks song:

Hmm… there is a song from Star Stable.

Last weeks food:

Calzone. I love it. We are having it again today.

Last weeks book:

Harry Potter and the Prizoner of Azkaban. I finished it! I gave it 4,5 out of 5 stars.

Last weeks celebrity:

The same as last week. I just have to say, Jack Johnson.

Last weeks couple:

Well, the two main characters from Okami-san wasn’t technically together, but they where really cute. They flirted back and fourth.

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