365 questions for a better you #21

Today I have done a lot before I finally have had time to sit down an write this. I had a suspicion that I had a spider in my bed… which is not totally unfamiliar, but not a pleasant thing to have. So today I cleaned my room, and sprayed with something that kills spiders, because I don’t want them in my room. And now it looks so much better.

But, today I am answering something new, and that is:

What’s your biggest victory yesterday?

Well, I didn’t do much yesterday. I went to Rusta and bought myself a cabin suitcase, to the small trips I am taking, where I don’t need too much things. I think my victory yesterday must be to not get driven over by a trailer, because I almost was. They are so rude on the road, and think they own the road. I get so annoyed, but at least I wasn’t hit.

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