365 questions for a better you #17

I really need to stop saying I am going to do things. Because I know that whenever I say things like that, I end up not doing it! I always know that, but as usual I say that I am going to do it.

Today we are answering a special question, and to be honest, I have so many people I can say in this question.

Someone who inspired you, and why

People inspires me for different reasons. And it changes who I think of. Even if I don’t think on them as much, they are still a person who inspires me. I like to try and be inspired by a person every single day, but today it is difficult to only choose one. Even though the clock in only 12 PM here I am inspired by three already. So, lets talk about those three, two of them are a married couple.

The married couple, I have known for years. They are my ex-boyfriends grandparents. They have been married for 40 years, so today we will celebrate their 40 year anniversary. It s truly inspiring that they have been married for so long. I want that to! I am also inspired because one of them is bipolar, and even though it might be difficult to live with sometimes, because the medicine we have here in Norway doesn’t work on him, she is still very happy with him. These days, very few people are married for long, and I find it inspiring that some people are able to stay married for that long.

The other person I am inspired by is one of my mothers close friend. She lives further south, and to be completely honest, I don’t even know if I have met her, however, she is still an inspiration. And I hope that I am able to meet her very soon! She has OCD and is Bipolar. And for a long time she has been on wrong medication. And that makes it very difficult to live, because you get these strong up and downs. She has a family, and they haven’t always been the most supportive. And on her downs, she has had problems with being positive. But she is trying her best,she is trying her best. Now, after being at the hospital for the whole summer, her medications are changed, and she is starting to get better. Seeing this makes me know that you never can give up! Keep on fighting, and keep your friends close, even though you might now be the most pleasant to be with. Choose friends that are willing to stay by your side, even when you are so sick that you don’t want to see them.

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