The Week That Passed #2

Think about is, a week has already passed. It is crazy how fast time goes. But here comes another week that passed, where I talk about what happened this week.

This weeks highlight:

I think it had to be the Friday, where we got a visitor. I love having visitors. My ex (we have found a way to become friends) has decided to move further up north. So he is visiting all the people he has had something to do with. And he has.

To explain: When we both where seventeen we got together. And we where together for a few months before our break up. The break up itself weren’t the worst, but it was messy before. Then, we had not much to do with each other, just keeping out distance. I mean, we had the same friends, so it was difficult not to see each other. When he turned eighteen, he moved to the urban area where I lived, we both had grown more. We found a friendship that worked for both of us. And we have been able to stay friends.

This weeks downturn:

I have been like a walking zombie this whole week. I haven’t filmed anything and I haven’t uploaded anything. So this week I need to change that. I have to see, I should film a few videos this week, so I can upload. I should have one video up for my BookTube channel tomorrow, but I also should have one video up for my other YouTube channel this week.

This weeks movie:

Ponyo. It was so cute. So this is a Ghibli film, so this is the first one of those I see, but I still have a lot left from them. But there is something else I will watch this week.

Bilderesultat for ponyo

This weeks TV Show:

I have watched around half of the first season. And I am totally in love! Now I want to read the manga, because I love those. One thing I also love is that they are very easy to read! But I don’t know if I will start them this year, of if I am going to wait until next year.

Bilderesultat for attack on titan season 1

Just so you are aware. This is an ADULT anime, this is not for a young audience.

This weeks song:

This weeks food:

I think Pizza. Or we had steak on Sunday. I don’t know, I feel like we have a lot good food, and I totally forget to take pictures of it, so I don’t have any pictures of it.

This weeks book:

I have been so terrible this week. I haven’t picked up on book an read it through. I haven’t finished a book this week. I read a little bit of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. But I haven’t finished it.

This weeks celebrity:

Well, I haven’t watched a movie or a tv show with real people. But I did listen to Jack and Jack, and I love them. I have to say, I like Jack Johnson more.

Bilderesultat for jack and jack jack johnson 2019

This weeks couple:

There aren’t a couple in either of the things I have watched this week. In Ponyo the characters are 5 years old, so I won’t actually call them a couple, since they are too young for that.

Bilderesultat for ponyo and sosuke

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