YouTube channel

So, for a little while… this is even before I started my blog here, I have been thinking about starting a normal YouTube channel. I mean, I already have a BookTube channel. I love books and I love talking about books. But I also know that only talking about books, might not be my only thing.

I mean, talking about other things. Do tags that I find so funny. Talking about my favorite shows, movies, talking about my favorite things. Doing updates, and different things I want to talk about. Maybe doing some vlogs. I mean, I do reading vlogs, but sometimes I feel like keeping it strictly to books, I not easy. I want to talk about different things as well in my vlogs. But I don’t know.

Do you think I should do it? I already have some ideas for videos to do. I have a few tags I can do, so you get to know me better. And other things that I feel like is me. I would only do things that I feel like doing, things I enjoy filming.

If you want to see me go through with this, you can 1) leave a comment or 2) follow me on the YouTube channel. Then you can click here.

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