365 question for a better you #1

So, I though I would do this thing. Answer different questions so you get to know me better. So I will answer 365 questions over these next 365 days.

So question 1 is:
What is your biggest dream?

I have to say. For me personally my biggest dream is to become a blogger/influencer. It started a while back, and it sparked my interest in this. And I started my Norwegian blog a while ago. But I know that there is not a lot of people in the world that understands Norwegian. So all of a sudden I decided to go forward and make a blog in English, so more people could understand what I am writing.

I am hoping that this blog will grow, and I can just talk from my heart. I want to have a job where I can have my own hours, I can travel if I want to. But mostly, have a job while I am sick, where I don’t have to call my boss often and say that I am sick.

That is my dream, I have to say. Also have a job so I eventually can buy myself a house, and buy the things I want to without regreting it because I don’t have the money for it.

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